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keenan...just an aspiring photographer/marketing coordinator from Charlotte, NC.

i roll my own cigarettes / tobacco simply put, i am me...

"although my physical body may be stationary, my mind, consciousness, and soul wander these dimensions"

facebook: Kay Aye Cee
twitter: @nikeenan
instagram: @theCharlotteObserver

"I like books.. Books make me feel again."


Submitted by bitchnotucks, sexy submission ;)

Send me a color



Scarlet - I like you.

Teal - I’d date you.

Red - I love you

Pink - I could stay on your tumblr the whole day.

Yellow - You’re amazing.

Purple - I miss you.

Blue - I want to meet you.

Lilac - You’re cool.

Brown - I don’t like you.

Green - I like your tumblr.

Black - You’re beautiful.

White - Delete your tumblr.

Lavender - give me your skype

Do this

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i’ve been asked twice already if i’m in town from Cali….